Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind our organization. Learn about their backgrounds, expertise, and contributions.

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Ziaul Kabir

CEO & Full-Stack Developer

Ziaul leads the strategies for the Lyzerslab brand.

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Saif Uddin Imran

Lead UI/UX Designer

Imran stands at the helm of lyzerslab's UI/UX division, guiding the digital experience with finesse and expertise.


Tareq Monjur

Senior Software Engineer

Tareq Monjur is a dedicated software engineer committed to excellence in crafting innovative software solutions.

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MD. Sabuj Ahmed

Senior UI/UX Designer

Sabuj specializing in crafting intuitive and visually compelling digital experiences.

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MD. Niyaz Mahmud

Senior Dev Ops. Engineer

Niyaz adept at streamlining development workflows and ensuring seamless deployment processes.